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Strategic win for Column's Case Management Solution in one of Asia's largest government's efficiency units to better serve their constituency

Column Technologies announced today a strategic win for Column’s Case Management Solution in one of Asia’s largest government’s efficiency units to better serve their constituency. The Call Center provides call center service of ad-hoc hotlines and is operated 24×7, handling inquiries for over 21 government departments. The Call Center manages complaints, inquiries, and investigations for all Government departments making it the center for all government facility management in

Column Case Management is a workflow-driven, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) web-based solution for managing cases. The organization will use Column Case Management to replace the 10 year-old Siebel system throughout all agencies, and it will form the platform for the government’s other workflow and solution initiatives across all the other agencies. The organization chose Column’s solution based on functionality, price, and capability to meet extensive requirements.

“Column managed to win over the aggressive competition with strategic coverage of the account, and our capability to demonstrate the power and flexibility of our solution. This win represents a great example of our strong partnership with BMC Software and the prime contractor, which enabled us to win the deal from the incumbent competition. We look forward to a successful delivery in September 2012, and an even more visible presence in Asia through this landmark win,” said Leonard Wong, VP, Consulting-Asia.

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Focused on the real-world needs of organizations handling investigations, Column Case Investigative is a workflow-driven, web-based case management solution for investigation management. Best practices case management features such as access control, activity tracking, reporting and compliance help your organization be more organized, efficient and profitable in managing investigations.