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The Importance of Sharing Technology In Investigative Case Management Software

Effective Investigations: The Case For Information Sharing Software

Organizational fraud and mismanagement are evolving, with perpetrators leveraging digital tools to both hide their activities and obfuscate potential evidence. The challenge? Many investigative teams still struggle to manage the intersection of physical and digital processes — making it difficult to keep accurate records, track critical evidence and reconcile data across their organization. The solution? Information sharing software that lets investigators manage current evidence, discover new leads and solve more cases.

Emerging Challenges With Case Investigations

While the conversion to digital documents has helped businesses better track internal actions and external threats, two new problems have emerged: First, investigative teams must bridge the gap between physical documents that haven’t been digitally converted and digital-first information sources to ensure cases remain on solid ground. For example, fraud might be committed when an employee uses digital systems to book time off but completes paper time sheets to indicate he or she was actually at work. Building a solid case means collecting both types of data.

Investigative teams also face the challenge of “siloed” data. This occurs when multiple departments each guard their own unique data set, or format this data such that it doesn’t interact well with other sources. The result? Investigators often spend more time dealing with administrative headaches and data-entry errors than building their case, which both increases the time to resolution and may impact the outcome.

Share and Share Alike

With departments unlikely to give up siloed data in favor of a universal solution, investigators need to lean on investigative tools that permit in-situ data sharing. In effect, these tools allow teams to centralize critical information rather than struggling to hunt down bits and pieces individually.

At Column Case Investigative, we’ve created web-based case sharing software that’s both collaborative and integrated — allowing investigators to easily log, store, and share information and records. Our investigative module captures physical file folders istead of virtual workspaces that can easily handle structured and unstructured data — including Microsoft Office documents, HTML files, email messages, audio and video files.

Key Components

The sheer amount of data investigators must now process and analyze to establish motive, action and specific outcome is staggering. Add expectations of civil and criminal courts for unbroken chains of fact supported by digital evidence, and information sharing software becomes critical. Along with collaboration and collection, these tools also help investigators satisfy other key components of solid case work, including:

  • Compliance - Every industry has unique compliance requirements. Web-based, centralized tools ensure data is properly handled and can be managed or modified as required.
  • Evidence Tracking - Centralizing evidence creates a shared repository for all case data, making it easier to find critical information or add new results.
  • Workflow Management - The longer a case takes to complete, the more difficult it becomes to secure a positive outcome. Integrated workflow management tools keep investigators on track to complete critical tasks.
  • Information Capture - Where is data coming from? Is it accurate? Reliable? The right sharing software helps eliminate potential data entry errors and uses high-fidelity e-forms to reduce the inherent bottlenecks that come with paper documents.

Bottom line? Data sharing helps solve cases and reduce the potential for human error. Ready to empower your investigations and improve case outcomes? Contact us to get started.

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