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Why did Chicago Public Schools Choose Column's Case Management Solution?

Chicago Public Schools Office of the Inspector General is charged with the responsibility of investigating allegations of waste, fraud and financial mismanagement in public education within the jurisdiction of the Chicago Board of Education. 

The primary objective for CPS OIG is to improve organizational efficiencies through the deployment of a comprehensive and consolidated investigative case management solution.

Column Case Management provides a comprehensive set of rich, flexible and scalable tools designed to help agencies automate processes, streamline intelligence gathering, and increase productivity and efficiency. Column’s Case management solution provides built-in key business processes such as security, audit, and data protection; intelligence handling capabilities; and investigative lifecycle workflow which really aligned with the project’s goal.

Column Case Management will provide Chicago Public Schools’ Office of the Inspector General with the necessary tools to track end-to-end investigation lifecycles and the ability to pull relevant data quickly and accurately for reporting purposes. Management and personnel will be able to track data and relationships, manage case task assignments, track and update case narratives, file attachments, create electronic forms, and leverage powerful metrics tools for reporting and analysis.

Within the United States, Column Case Management for Investigations is widely held within Law Enforcement, Inspector General, and Regulatory agencies.

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Focused on the real-world needs of organizations handling investigations, Column Case Investigative is a workflow-driven, web-based case management solution for investigation management. Best practices case management features such as access control, activity tracking, reporting and compliance help your organization be more organized, efficient and profitable in managing investigations.