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As the worldwide leader in investigative case management, Column Case Investigative sets the standard for secure, reliable, effective case management. Through our case and business process management solutions in the commercial and federal space, we are able to provide your investigative organization — from detective agencies to law enforcement offices and more — with the most robust case investigative features and functionalities possible.

When it comes to case handling, the more efficient you can be, the better. That is why Column Case Investigative provides best practices like intake support, workload management, relationship data visualization and multi-level approvals; as well as time management features, native multi-tenancy capabilities, compatibility with almost 20 integration methods, and integrated reporting. Thanks to these features, our case investigative software makes it easier to solve cases, meet compliance, keep data secure, and stay on top of reporting and data.

Each of our features is specially designed to boost efficiency and improve organization in order to help you become more successful, timely and profitable in your investigations. Whether you’re using our investigation management tools in a law enforcement agency, as private detectives, in investigative agencies or somewhere else, rest assured that you have some of the best case management technology in the market at your disposal. Check out some of the features we offer:

Investigative Best Practice Features :

Intake – Supports the intake of complaints or tips and leads in an intake form. These records can then be triaged based on recommendation of Accepted, Referred, or Declining.
Workload Management – Supports unlimited assigned groups and individuals for cases.
Prioritization - Column Case Investigative allows customers to quickly determine what cases have a high solvability factor or have a high priority through automated solvability scoring or (ASIM).
Journal – The Journal will record all case activity.
Relationships – Relationship engine can associate through data visualization ‘many-to-many’ any of the following: Complaints, Cases, People, Sites, Property, or Vehicles.
Case Lifecycle – A case’s lifecycle is managed through electronic forms that are associated to a case.
Approvals - Includes multi-level approvals, approval groups, and approval auditing.
Property/Evidence – Manage property, evidence, and vehicles.
Duplicate Management – Users can search for people, property, and locations using a search engine that allows them to search for any keyword.
Reconciliation – Users can then go to a Reconciliation Console where potential duplicates are displayed. These duplicates can then be merged.
Searching – The out of the box full text search engine can search Complaints, Cases, People, Sites, Property, Vehicles, Journals, and Attachments form a single Google® type search.
Attachments – Network Directory Integration can organize attachments in folders, manage security through the application, and accommodate large files such as audio and video.

Time Management Features:

Service Level Agreements (SLA) - Service Level Agreements can provide proactive notifications on dates and ensure that assignments, approvals, and resolution targets are met.
Appointments - Appointments will be created in an integrate calendar as well as send reminder notifications.


Our solution allows customers to expand their investment into other areas of the organization or for other use cases. This native capability of Column Case Investigative affords customers the opportunity to simplify supported technologies as well as develop cohesiveness and ensure consistent business process management across the organization.

Are you interested in learning more about our case management tools at Column Case Investigative? Our team will be happy to discuss the options we offer and find solutions to help you boost efficiency.