Law Enforcement
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Police officers and other law enforcement officials worldwide face a new challenge in the era of digital data: Handling multiple investigations with mountains of evidence, simultaneously. The problem? If information isn't properly handled during case investigation, criminals could walk free on lack of evidence or because courts discover issues with data privacy and compliance. Ultimately, law enforcement officers are driven to achieve critical results: Solve the case, protect those they serve, and ensure guilty parties are brought to justice.

Case management software is designed to aid this process and give law enforcement personnel the helping hand they need to ensure investigations follow best practices while still remaining accessible and easy to use for officers on the front line. However, not all case management tools are created equal: At Column Case Investigative, we've worked with agencies around the world to create a data management tool that stands out among the crowd and, ultimately — gets the job done.

Manage your cases in a single, unified platform

The biggest benefit for law enforcement? Our case management software puts everything they need right at their fingertips. Evidence is collected and stored in a single database, regardless of type or origin — meaning video and audio files are kept alongside witness reports and crime scene details. Searching for data is simple. Using our out-of-the-box, full-text search engine, investigators enter their search terms (search for complaints, cases, people, sites, property, vehicles…and even attachments) and get exactly what they're looking for the first time. This search engine can also be configured to search other databases and network directories, providing a single source for searching, relating, and viewing multiple systems.

Ease the challenges of duplicate data and reconciliation

The bane of all law enforcement investigations? Duplicate records. If multiple records are created for the same crime, subject or piece of evidence, police officers must waste valuable time tracking the relevant record and then deleting all others, in turn reducing the amount of time spent solving cases. At Column Case Investigative, we've developed an integrated duplicate detection tool — when officers search records or create new ones, they're provided a list of all duplicate data. In addition, our software allows officers to merge these records to preserve useful data while eliminating redundancy.

Prioritize and Optimize

To help ensure cases are solved efficiently, officers can use our solvability matrix to determine which investigations have the highest likelihood of a positive outcome and can also customize reports and warnings to ensure time-sensitive data or case files are handled appropriately. With multiple cases to solve, it's easy for officers to lose track of small, disconnected pieces of data or miss deadlines — we've built a system from the ground up to increase officer efficiency rather than demanding more of their time.

Law enforcement personnel are under constant pressure to solve cases and under constant scrutiny from public agencies to effectively handle data. Column Case Investigative's unified case management software tackles both challenges.

Column has been the go-to provider of investigative software for law enforcement and fraud prevention during the last 10 years. Read how our Records Management System eliminates duplicate data, manual processes, increases effectiveness and reduces case handling errors to increase solvability and reduce costs by downloading our datasheet.